April 01, 2011

Today's Outfit

...is brought to you by the letters S, N, and L

I spent a good chunk of time scouring Google for outfits that I remembered the ladies of SNL wearing that indirectly influenced my outfit today, and nary a one.

So I moved on to Netflix, and spent forever (like 5 minutes) skimming through episodes and taking screen captures.

Ohhhkay creepo in the corner

So that's the style mood I was in when I got dressed.

Then I tried taking pictures outside of my actual outfit, and this is what happened:
And since I was too lazy (darn you, heat!) to find a ladder to set my camera on, you get this instead.

Basically put, there's a whole lot of lazy going on here.

Bought: Blue polka dot blouse (with matching skirt. ai-yee!) @ Goodwill
Price: Under $10

Bought: Red sweater vest @ Plato's Closet
Price: $5

Bought: H&M Jeans (as previously posted here)

Bought: Steve Madden wedges (the pride of my existence, which had never before been worn!) @ Goodwill
Price: Under $10

Bought: Double-wrap-around belt @ Urban Outfitters
Price: $4.99 (whaaaaat??)

Who influences what you wear?

Do you have one style or change it every day?

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