February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's, my lovelies!

Well, dears, it's raining on Valentine's Day. I love the rain. Inside always seems so much more cozy when it's a bit blustery outside--especially when you have a wealth of Valentine cheer warming your home. Due to the weather, be prepared for a blustering of Valentine's decor galore. No organization. Plenty of pictures. And here we go.

When my siblings and I were younger, we made these felt hearts for a project with our mom. Years later, my mom has kept them and still brings them out every year for Valentine's today. This year, they're decorating our mantel.

We simply cut out two corresponding pieces of felt, began sewing them with string, filled them with batting, and then closed them up. Easy as pie.


I've been holding onto this for quite a while:

Once upon a time, my family went to a flea market just to amble around. In an unprecedented act of kindness, my older brother bought this vintage Coke ad for me. Anyone who has older siblings knows that when you're children (or perhaps even later in life), these kinds of non-compulsory gifts are rare indeed.


I have these little friends on my wall year-round.

My Great Aunt Ramona sent these to me for my high school graduation. They're so sweet to me--primarily because they remind me of my aunt. She served as a missionary nurse in Africa as a young woman, traveled the world, and continued to live a full life even after losing one of her arms!

She really was an incredible woman and I hope I live to be half as fantastic as she.


Finally--and in a drastic mood shift-- what's a holiday without a couple pin ups?

A little athleticism...

A little Marilyn...
And that's it, friends, because let me tell you...the Valentine's Day pin up vault is filled with many more floozies than any other holiday. Hmm... wonder why that is...?