April 04, 2011

Hodgepodge (hoj-poj)

I hope I'm not the only one, but I sometimes have weird half-asleep thoughts in the middle of the night.

I've been wanting to find and adopt a dress form for quite awhile (hold on, these two thoughts are about to connect...), and last night I had a weird fuzzy idea about actually saving up for one (a-HA!).
I'm going to start collecting all my change from here on out--keeping you updated all the while--with a dress form as my goal.

Currently in my little owl change bank (given to me by Dana) is $3.64, 2 Canadian pennies, 2 $2 bills, and a 1979 silver dollar.

I would show you a picture of little Satchel, but he's in the middle of being repainted and I think he would feel a bit self-conscious about being depicted half-nude for all the world to see (he's very modest for an owl).

On an unrelated note, Ducky has gotten up on the kitchen table twice this morning. She's out of control.

There's absolutely nothing better than waking up, thinking you have to rush somewhere, and then realizing that you have the whole day before you to do nothing. You can just sink back into your pillow a little bit deeper and relish the comfort of your comforter.

Today's Game Plan:
  • Get dressed and ready to go
  • Redeem recyclables
  • Go to the library with Dana
  • Play tennis with Dana (she doesn't know this yet, but as it has been unequivocally determined that I am a control freak...that's not a surprise.)
  • Do some drawering with Dana for our story blog (she also doesn't know this either).
  • Take pictures (for you) of my latest thrifty finds from when Goodwill had a 1/2 off sale on St. Patrick's Day (whaaaaat?)
  • Have a serious talk with Duck about the direction her life is going. This is just getting out of hand.


dana michelle said...

hah. we never drew. awe :( i still have to write ... blast.

Kelly said...

I know. I've been drawing Malcolm though. One of them looks like a monkey haha.