Hello new friend!

I'm Kelly and it's ever so nice to meet you.

So what do I write about here? Books, thrift shopping, music, decorating, snacks, sewing, and basically any other crazy cat lady things that may come up.

I just graduated from college last Spring after studying English and Art and have yet to figure out what to do with those degrees. It at least taught me how to write a more coherent blog, right? I'm excited about life and can't wait to see where it's going to take me. 

For the time being, my cats and I will be here in much-too-sunny California, reading, writing, drinking tea (me, not them--they're tea snobs), drawing, learning to speak Norwegian ("Luftputebåten min er full av ål" is a really important phrase to know), and also studying thick atlases of the places we'll someday go -- and happily welcoming any suggestions! (Cricket also requests some plants to chew on).

Since I write about them often enough, it would be rude not to introduce you to my sidekicks:

Jemima Puddleduck, named after the Beatrix Potter character. We call her Ducky, DuckDuck, Boogy, and just plain Kitty. Ducky has only 1 fang and 1 extra toe on each foot. She's the sweetest cat, but not the brightest - hence the name (you should read the story if you're not sure why). She likes to sit in the tub and then try to come sit on my lap. Also, she likes to sneeze on me. Thanks a lot, kitty.

Cricket. We call her CrickSnick, Snicket, Crickle, MauMau, and Shnoogy (I know...we're just disgustingly cutesie). She thinks she's a human but sometimes acts like a weasel. We often find her sitting weird places, eating things she shouldn't be eating, and bullying Ducky out of some prime seating. She's basically evil and is incredibly lucky that we love her.

What do I need to know about you, new friend?