April 21, 2011

A super speedy brief post

Well. This post is going to be brief, as the title suggests. I generally always like to have some kind of picture to accompany each post (and...you know...like...a point...or whatever...) but there's just no time today. My family is in the midst of trip preparations so things have been a bit wild lately. Tomorrow I'll have more to say and quite a few pictures to post but for tonight, all that's left to say is that I'm alive and well. And I hope you all are too.
Whats it like for you when you get ready for vacation? Is it fun for you to plan? Does it stress you out? Do your cats try to sneak into your luggage, leaving fur EVERYWHERE in the process? Have you found a way to successfully dispose of your pets without anyone finding them?
Just kidding Cricket. Stay away from my black sweater and you'll live to see another day.
Until tomorrow morning...
I bid you...

1 comment:

dana said...

A. kelly - i cant remember the last time i went on vacation.

B. Never fun to plan.

C. I get stressed that something breakable will break. thats why im ALWAYS weird about my luggage.

D. Everything is harry before the packing anyhoo.

E. Landfill by my house will never know an extra dead body.

(i watched a man get murdered in Monk while i was reading this post)