April 06, 2011

New Hair!

I'm very low-maintenance when it comes to my hair. It just grows out too quickly (about an inch+ a month) to keep short or have elaborately colored. So I decided this time around (since I looked like a bag lady with my amorphous blob of hair) to just get it layered and ombred (that is, colored in the ombre style. Who the heck termed it that? "Yes, I would like my hair colored in the ombre style." It just rolls off the tongue).

Anyway. . . back to where I was before that long-winded deviation . . .

I went to my friend Rachel from Sola Salon Studios--blog here--this morning and gave her free reign with my hair. She had previously done it red last fall, and it turned out so wonderfully that I would basically trust Rachel to do whatever she wanted with my hair short of shaving it off.
Although. . . maybe . . .

At the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival last fall with my red hair

Rachel did my hair this morning, perfectly planned to happen right before my job interview this afternoon, so it would look like I have naturally soft, salon-styled hair (actually, it was purely coincidental).

Spicy new hair

Zingy interview outfit

And I'm ready for Spring.


Bought: Blue pencil skirt (with pockets!) @ Anna's Attic
Price: $4

Bought: Shoes

Bought: Belt

Borrowed: Floral print shirt from my sister, Josie


dana michelle said...

rachel was looking at ur blue skirt/shorts whatever they are, i forgot what you said - picture and she said "HOW IS KELLY SO CUTE!!!" claire and tory and i agreed.

Kelly said...

I'm like that one girl in Smallville who steals everyone else's youth. Hahaha