April 22, 2011

Today I'm going to be a tease (2/3)

Second things second.
(or In which I become a tease)

I've recently been acquiring dresses from thrift stores for Spring/Summer that I can alter. And although there hasn't been much of a demand to get them finished due to the Icelandic weather that has settled low over California, I have indeed been working on them.

Project 1

I don't have anything personal against shoulder pads, but in this case, those were the first to go.

Next up, I separated the top from the bottom since the dress was about 4 sizes too big and required more than just a little nip here and a tuck there.

This is where I hung the top because I still haven't gotten my dress form yet. (Update on that to follow)

And those are all the pictures I have for you. I smallified both pieces, shortened the sleeves and the hem, and bada-bing new dress! But alas it's packed for our cruise already (I see the glimmer of understanding of what I meant by "tease" begin to glint in your eyes. Sorry, friends).

Project 2
When I bought this dress, the man I bought it from, trying to be polite, tried to tell me it was cute. I knew he didn't really think that, but was trying to compliment my purchase, so I mentioned that I was planning on altering it, saying that I "didn't want it to look quite so..." And he finished my sentence with "Amish," making us both laugh. I love this man and absolutely will shop there again because of him.

This is an alternate spot I found for hanging my dresses. The nail it's hanging from normally has a picture frame there.
First to go were these horrifying bodice tightener things. I don't know what they are and I don't ever want to know.
While I shortened the sleeves (and took a foray into elastic ! ), I'm planning on reusing the buttons somewhere as of yet undecided.

I actually took the time to iron my hem before I sewed it.
Whoa. I'm like...a woman now...or whatever.

Bought: Pink Dress @ ARF
Price: $4

Bought: Floral Dress @ Teen Challenge
Price: $2

Disclaimer: If you live in the area and go to Teen Challenge, they do only take cash.

End Post 2

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dana said...

kelly. we need to take a craft day. some day.