February 27, 2010

Friendly Bit of Advice #1: Be Brave

Bought: Pleated Skirt
Price: Under $8
Store: Goodwill, Concord

I don't know what stage of thrifting you're starting at, but as a general rule of thumb, in order to get some amazing buys, you need to actually get your booty out there and shop!

I know there tends to be a tarnished stigma surrounding thrift stores.

They're dirty! And foul! And rodent infested!

Let's not be ridiculous.

There are actually some really clean stores out there! Little known fact: most people wash their clothes before passing them on to the thrift store of their choice. And more importantly, you can always wash whatever you buy!

As a matter of fact, I would highly recommend it, even insist on it.

So... Friendly Bit of Advice #1...Be Brave!

And bring hand sanitizer with you.

February 26, 2010

Here's What I'm Thinking...

I've been shopping at thrift stores as long as I can remember. Way before vintage became cool again. Plus, I've been getting complimented on things that I've found at thrift stores for just as long. But one of the things that I've also found is that a lot of people struggle with finding amazing things when they go thrifting for themselves(the term I will use henceforth for the act of thrift store shopping).

So I've decided the best way to address this is a blog detailing some of my own personal thrifting guidelines. I'm also going to be adding pictures of some of my favorite finds, mostly clothes, but maybe even some of the bizarre things that I just couldn't resist getting.

So...let's see how this goes!


February 12, 2010

pas-tiche. n.

pas·tiche (pā-stēsh', pä-)
1. A dramatic, literary, or musical piece openly imitating the previous works of other artists, often with satirical intent.

2. A pasticcio of incongruous parts; a hodgepodge.

3. A blog focused on the hodgepodge of wealth found at thrift stores, often with satirical intent.