March 30, 2011

Victory Garden--A Brief History and Explanation

Briefly and in bullet point form:
  • Foods rationed during WWII: Sugar, butter, milk, cheese, eggs, coffee, meat and canned goods.
  • The government and businesses urged people to make gardening a family and community effort.
  • Soybeans originated in China and Manchuria.
  • Tofu is one food product made from soybeans and is a major source of protein in oriental diets.
  • When the war started, the USDA exhorted farmers to produce much more of "the miracle bean," (soybeans) as they started calling it.
All information taken from The Wessels Living History Farm website.

As made obvious by my oh-so-subtle font amplification, I chose the name "Victory Garden" because many of the foods rationed are ones I can't eat, my family (mom especially) have really been good about trying new foods that are healthy for us all, and soybeans have become an important dietary staple for me.

A couple of exceptions:
  • I will never give up coffee
  • I don't have the room to plant my own veggies so I'll be going to the Farmer's Market instead
One of the biggest problems I've been having with not eating dairy and meat has been that I'm hungry all the time! So I decided for breakie this morning I would have some oatmeal and black tea. That should stick to my ribs for awhile. Fingers crossed.

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