April 12, 2011

Cat Count

Cat Count

0 The number of consecutive hours the cats have stayed awake today.

1 The number of times I brought Cricket on an adventure to the car only to have her try to run away because she thought we were going to the vet.

2 The number of times Ducky has tried to make me feel guilty for kicking her off my lap because I had to use my legs.

3 The number of cat-meals I poisoned in an attempt to kill the cats (Just kidding, PETA. Retract those claws.)

While taking pictures of my outfit (for my next post), I got a couple of pictures of Cricket lurking behind me. This one, in particular, reminded me of a "Dear Blank, Please Blank" post Josie found a couple of days ago.
Dear Diary,
Today, my slaves mocked me with a feathery stick. It was oddly tempting. They are messing with my mind. They will not be getting any cuddling tonight. Today I ate a houseplant. Tomorrow I may eat another.

And there you have it. Cats in a nutshell. Which is, in itself, quite the visual.

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dana michelle said...

haha. kelly. i hate you.