November 08, 2011

I Spy Something...Red

This post is going to be pretty picture heavy...but you've been warned! Sorry if it takes forever to load. But let me tell you...I just love pomegranates too much to edit this. MMM delicious!! 

At work we had a parent who brought us some pomegranates fresh from their backyard tree! There is just nothing better than fresh fruit, especially as the seasons are changing; it makes everything feel and taste crisp. So I, of course, ate one at work (I shared!) and then brought one home to eat on my day off. 

We took a little field trip outside before I ate him. (Woops)

How cute is he? He reminds me of "Where the Wild Things Are" with his crown.

Have I mentioned how much I love Fall?

These look like hillbilly teeth and I probably laughed to myself for about 10 minutes over them. (And yes, I tried them on in the mirror. Who wouldn't, really?)

I ate about half the seeds, then mashed the rest up, put them in the freezer, and about an hour later took them out and mixed them up with some soy ice cream. Can I use the word delicious again without sounding redundant?

Also on my day off...
Remember my elephant tease?
This is the dress!! I'm so happy it's finally chilly enough to wear long sleeves! At least in the morning.

What? Blurry? No. That's totally your eyes.

I bought these shoes for my Dennis outfit and I LOVE them with dresses!! (Have you noticed how ecstatic I am today with all the "!!!"? That's what you get for working with kids all the time). I'm really enjoying mixing up mens/womens wear these days. 
How do you feel about mixing menswear and womenswear? 
What are your favorite ways of mixing them together?

So what's up next for Pastiche? More Dennis pictures, pictures of the Monterey Bay Aquarium (!!), bundles of cat pictures,  and updates on the Wind and the Willows collection. This is really becoming a problem. Or is it? 
You can never have too many books, right?