April 12, 2011

Dressing Weather-appropriate is for Chumps

So . . .
It's been freezing lately. Which for us Californians means in the 60 degree range. But it's April, darn it! So I'm going to wear skirts and dresses and rompers even if I am running around like a mad person the whole time trying to keep my blood circulating!


When I bought these shoes, I had the following conversation via text with Sweets (my boyfriend):

Me: You're going to break up with me when you see the shoes I just got.
Sweets: Are they heels?
Me: No. They're closer to...loafers...if anything...
Sweets: Why won't I like them?
Me: Michael Jackson. That's all I'll say.
Sweets: Sparkle shoes?
Me: ...maybe...
Sweets: Girls wear some weird crap.

Well-said, Sweets. Well-said.


Bought: Faux Leather Jacket @ Forever 21 a couple years ago (rolled-up sleeves, my doing)
Price: I have no idea

Bought: Chewie & Han novelty tee @ Red Bubble
Price: $21.73 plus shipping

Bought: Purple pencil skirt @ Goodwill
Price: $5

Bought: Belt @ H&M
Price: $4

Bought: Michael Jackson loafers @ Goodwill
Price: $7

One of the best parts about the early 90's prints coming back in style is that I still have some leftovers from the first go-round that I can re-use.

This gingham bow is from elementary school when my mom made Josie and I matching gingham outfits for a church fashion show (I know that seems like an oxymoron, but...)

This purple sweater, which I just barely saved from being donated today is from Jr. High (when I would wear it with matching purple pants and lavender clogs. We don't need to talk about that. Ever.)

I'm a pretty big chicken when it comes to mixing prints. But since I've been re-watching old Project Runway episodes, I've been encouraged by Mondo to be a bit braver.

This is only the beginning. We'll start small and eventually work our way up to more eye-assaulting combinations of prints.


Bought: Floral dress @ Goodwill
Price: $3.50 (half-off day!)

Purple sweater and gingham bow


Brynna said...

I know exactly how you feel about dressing for the weather. Winter just dragged on for so long that even though it hasn't been that warm yet I just wanna wear dresses and shorts and all of that good stuff! Luckily it has warmed up around here lately though!

And I agree it is awesome that 90's stuff is so in! You find loads of it at any thrift store you set foot in!

dana michelle said...

kelly. you are amazing. can i just say i am so - uh - i forgot what i was going to say. but your style is amazing! i cant wait till im finally home and i can shadow you on all your goodwill adventures and find some awesome stuff of my own. ill be like Matt Hooper following around Sam Quint (Jaws ref.) . . . so excited.