May 20, 2010

Sisterhood of the Thrift Store Pants

Bought: Lucky Jeans
Price: Hand-me-down from sister (a.k.a. free for me)
Place: Some thrift store (see above)

Bought: Lucky Jeans
Price: $7 (Brand spanking new. Originally over $150)
Place: Goodwill, Concord

Bought: Billabong/H&M Jeans
Price: Doesn't matter because...
Place: ...the store I got them from closed.

Aside from the fact that clotheslines make your clothes feel and smell about 6 billion times better than the dryer, buying ridiculously expensive pants for a minutia of the original price feels just amazing.
Given, the vast majority of jeans at thrift stores are the dreaded mom jean (which, by the way, are supposedly making a comeback. I will kill myself before I'm caught wearing those). But hidden in the racks are these little gems.
Maybe someone outgrew them?
Lost some weight?
Grew a third leg?
Who knows why someone would get rid of these. But thank goodness for me, they did.
I get major gloating power out of wearing these, which is really the reason you go thrifting, right?

Oh and I have yet to work any kind of magical power out of these pants. Sure, they were cheap, but come on. I'm still waiting to have Kostos express mailed to my doorstep. Let's get on that, Pants.

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