May 13, 2011


Anyone else spend forever making their blog look super awesome yesterday only to have it destroyed by the evil blogger bot? Oh yeah. Fun times friends. Fun times.

May 12, 2011

Oy Vey!

Where have I been!?
(Oh yeah. Playing songs on my guitar)
Name that movie and you get a prize, i.e. my undying affection.

Well, getting back from the cruise was pretty killer. I shuffled around for days trying to find someone to make my food and clean my room for me. After my mom refused to start doing that again, the harsh reality hit that I'm now responsible for like . . . you know. . . my own living again . . . or whatever.

So back to the grindstone! Spending 4 hours in the morning job hunting then maybe work or errands later. I know. It's a hardknock life. I've gotten back into that routine again, so time to get back to the fun stuff too! Blogging!

We took a couple hundred pictures on the cruise, so there will probably be a smattering of pictures throughout the next couple weeks. Today, we focus on outfits. This was our first ever cruise, presenting us with some packing conundrums. Sure, we'll be in Mexico, but also on the water. Does that mean warm clothes? Cool clothes? Will it be too hot for me to even consider dressing cute and I'll just want to lay around in a swim cover up so that if I sweat all over it, it doesn't even matter?

Pre-trip packing disaster that exploded all over my bed.

Springbreak 008
In Cabo San Lucas
Old man hat + high waist shorts I altered + hand me down tank top from Dana

Springbreak 026
Cabo Day 2
Anyone feel like going back to the 90's? Where's rollerblading Barbie when you need her. . .

Springbreak 037
Puerto Vallarta
Forever 21 romper + Ross white shirt + Ross wedge shoes
And yes, that is a lunch box I converted into a camera case. Who would have guessed?

Springbreak 169
On the ship
Yes, that is the dress that I altered before the cruise! I have some pictures of the process that I'll post later.

Ps did you notice how HUGE my new pictures are?? I've been so frustrated with Blogger's teeny tiny posting limitations so I did a little research and discovered that you can upload from Flickr! (I know most of you are saying, "Duh, you twit" right about now, but come on. I'm excited here.) Eee! I'm excited for picture posting now!


May 01, 2011

Hurray for being home!

. . . although I do feel a bit like I've just spent a week at camp and had to leave all my new friends behind, who I know I'll never see again, even though we've exchanged AIM screen names (you can tell how long it's been since I last went to camp). And by "new friends," I mean all the awesome people I totally would have met if I hadn't gotten sea sick. Bleh.

I'm going to keep this short. I plan to do all my picture editing and choosing for posting tomorrow. But since I did leave you over a week ago with a dress teaser, I'll wanted to give you a brief little zing of a preview for what's to come.

Until tomorrow!
Buenas Noches, Amigos!