March 22, 2011

Cat's Eye View

This is Cricket:

We had a bit of a storm this past week. For most places in the rest of the United States, this isn't particularly interesting. But considering that I live in California, and by this time last year already had a tan from painting out in the backyard in my swimsuit, it's been a bit out of the ordinary.
Naturally, during the most blustery of days, we ran out of coffee (cue horror music here). Thankfully, I live within walking distance of the coffee shop downtown. I pulled on my rain boots, donned my hat and lime green raincoat, and braved the weather all for the sake of caffeine.

Once I got home and shook off the rain water, I nestled into our cute kitchen nook to drink my coffee and watch the rain.

Cats, as you may know, are like parasites. If there's the possibility of a warm lap in the vicinity, they'll follow it around until it's made available. That's when they pounce and suck all the warmth out of the lap. Once the warmth is depleted, they move on to their next prey, leaving your legs frozen.

Cricket is no exception:

This is what our nook looks like from Cricket's vantage point:

Thankfully, she doesn't like coffee, or she would have tried to take that too.

What's thrifty in this post?
1. Metal pig on the table
2. White chairs
3. Cricket (In a way. We did get her from ARF. Both of our cats are little secondhand finds, whom we love.)
4. Did you notice our neighbor's car? This is where I get a little stalker-y, so be forewarned. But aren't you green with envy too?!

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