March 24, 2011

You Can Be an American Girl Too

It all started when I saw these shorts on ModCloth:
and they immediately reminded me of An American Girl: Molly.

When I was younger, I spent hours poring over these books, which is the reason why you're about to read a post featuring clothing found online for the grown woman who wants to dress like one of her childhood dolls (which, who doesn't want to do that...?).

A couple of things to note before we begin.
1. These are chronological. Trust me. I looked them up.
2. These are obviously inspirations, not direct replicas (unlike the Josefina outfit that my mom made for me for my 4th Grade Walk Thru California History Day).
3. These are only the original American Girls (Plus Josefina). None of this contemporary, unpronounceably named doll nonsense.
4. I had the Kirsten doll. (Not really necessary for you to know, but interesting since she's a Swede who moved to Minnesota and my grandma is a Norwegian who moved to Wisconsin)






She gets 2. Just because.

You didn't really think I would deny you pictures of me dressed up as a blond Josefina, did you?

Close up:
Yes, I was a Muppet.


Ayeisha said...

Lovely dresses :]


Kelly said...

Aren't they! I wish I could take credit for them all, but they're just more ModCloth finds. Once I get my dress form though...