March 20, 2011


Consolidation has been on my mind for a couple of months now. I've been cleaning and organizing my room like a mad woman, often for hours at a time. As such, I've decided to combine the primary 2 blogs that I've been writing. In the immortal words of myself (that I wrote just a few minutes ago on my other blog):
"For a little over a year, now, I've been concurrently writing 2 blogs (besides the horrifying story blog that Dana and I write). I had initially thought that Bow Ties and Bandits would be my personal blog for friends and family, while Pastiche would be my blog focused on thrifty treasures and tips. But I've come to realize, that really, there's no separating the two. Thrift ("vintage", if you're feeling pretentious) shopping and creating unique pieces from previously unloved pieces is an integral part of my life and vice versa."
Therefore, things are about to get more personal. Not too personal of course. I'm still a cold-hearted shell of a person, after all.
Not too much will change. I did bring over my reading list from my other blog, but that's about it.

And here we go.

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