August 08, 2010

Field Trip #1

Place: Antiques & Things

This is what an antique store should look like. Don't be deceived by its modest demeanor. It has over 10 rooms (maybe even 15?). Like a labyrinth (minus the Minotaur).

Which reminds me, one of my favorite parts about this store is that the people who work there don't glare at me the entire time. Most antique stores look at me as if I'm about to start running around screaming like a child. Sure, I look like I'm 15, but come on! Good job though, Antiques & Things, for being normal considerate human beings.

My favorite room by far is this one. I can't remember ever having bought anything out of this room, but who cares! It's a converted sun room! Or conservatory, for those of you who speak British. Or play Clue.

I wish I could have come up with a reason to buy this. I would have felt like vintage Barbie.

This is the real reason I go thrifting. Every single item has had a life before it ends up there. I love imagining the individual journeys they've all taken and whose lives they may have crossed. It makes me sad to think that most people either don't write letters or don't save the ones they receive. I'll just have to collect the ones from other people who are no longer able to cherish them as much as they once did. Call me maudlin, but I find magic in old letters. Sometimes more than I was expecting. You'll just have to open one up and find out for yourself.

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