August 17, 2010

Estate Sale

I went to my first estate sale this month.
It was pretty much everything I expected it to be. Odd and bizarre. But sad too. They have a different vibe than thrift or antique stores. The people there seem more respectful due to the fact that they're in a recently deceased person's home.
So besides the obvious downer...
Being an extremely nosy person, I loved being able to see how other people lived and then be able to take away with me a little piece of their lives to incorporate into my own.

Place: Estate sale in Concord
Hosted: by Hospice of the East Bay

(You can sign up to get email notifications of local estate sales there^)
Bought: Impressionist book and 2 dress patterns for $1.50

I also bought 5 more pattern sets at ARF for $.25 a pop.
You're thinking, "What's the deal with all the outdated dress patterns?"
And I'm answering, "Wallpaper. Lots of wallpaper on the window wall of my bedroom."

Once I collect enough patterns, I'm going to be doing a wallpaper/decoupage hybrid with all of them. Hopefully, the paper will hold up and not tear. I'll post the process of that once I get to it.

On a side note, I'm planning on using the Impressionist pictures as decor as well. And I got to see that painting on the right in person at the de Young Museum! If you get the chance, you should really go.

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