July 29, 2010

Bibliophile on the Brink of Bibliomania

Bought: 8 Reader's Digest books
Price: 50 cents a piece, equaling $4
Place: Concord Library

I have a real problem.
I can't control myself when it comes to buying books. Especially ones for decorative purposes, since there's no long-term commitment there.
My favorite part of Beauty and the Beast is when Belle gets full reign of the library and the curtains fly open revealing millions of books on perfectly constructed swirly staircases and bookshelves.

I am...a bibliophile.

I can't help it! They're just so unique! And they smell good! And they're CHEAP! It's really a disease...

Oh and I got this one because it has Jaws 2. I'm going to cut out the pictures of men scuba diving for the shark to use in some way in my room.

Here's an example of how I like to use my books (I'm thinking about shelves for this next batch?):

Creepy mask not included.


MarkIV said...

Looks awesome!

Kelly said...

Thanks! YEE I'm excited.