August 02, 2011

I don't know where this post will end up

August 2011
Remember how I'm saving up for a dress form with my loose change?
Last count on April 4th, I had $3.64, 2 Canadian pennies, 2 $2 bills, and a 1979 silver dollar.
All the oddball change is the same, but as of right now, I'm up to $12.67! Amazing.
At this rate, I'll have my dress form by the time I'm 80.

Also, I bought a dress on sale at Urban Outfitters. It's adorable and makes me feel like Madeline. I would show you an actual picture, but it's sort of...see through. So I need to find a slip dress to go underneath it first. But for now, how cute are these elephants! I'm glad they get to go out with me whenever I wear this dress.
I've decided on the spot to name them Fjord and Hildegarde.
Good Scandinavian names for a good Dane like Peter Jensen.
August 2011 022

Also, have you ever seen Peter Jensen's clothes??
I love love LOVE all the animals that he uses!

A sweater for you
A sweater for your beau
And some good old-fashioned nightmares for everyone!
God bless all my distant Scandinavian cousins.

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