May 01, 2011

Hurray for being home!

. . . although I do feel a bit like I've just spent a week at camp and had to leave all my new friends behind, who I know I'll never see again, even though we've exchanged AIM screen names (you can tell how long it's been since I last went to camp). And by "new friends," I mean all the awesome people I totally would have met if I hadn't gotten sea sick. Bleh.

I'm going to keep this short. I plan to do all my picture editing and choosing for posting tomorrow. But since I did leave you over a week ago with a dress teaser, I'll wanted to give you a brief little zing of a preview for what's to come.

Until tomorrow!
Buenas Noches, Amigos!


dana said...

kelly. i cant figure out what animal you are here.

dana said...

a parrot. like from rio. with a rounded beak.

Kelly said...

Hahaha you're insane.