May 06, 2010

Guest Blog #1 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Bought: Umbrella
Price: I can't tell you because it was a gift
Place: Anna's Attic
Model: Dana
Photographer: Stephanie Horvilleur, whom I've never met but whose site is here
Question: I wonder how many of these one-liners I can include before it becomes obsolete and irritating.
Answer: 7

So I'm kind of cheating with this post. Technically, I still bought that umbrella for Dana as a present, but it's no longer mine so I'm going to include this as GUEST BLOG # 1!!!!!!!!!! This is so exciting. If you want to be guest blogged, send me your picture and all your info and I'll post it.

I feel like I need to say something (and no, it's not why I've wasted a month's time not posting. Leave me alone). Thrift stores make awesome places to gift shop.

A. People don't need to know things are used (*wink*).
B. You find quirky things there (e.g. pictures, statues, canes, etc...).
C. You find gross things there (this isn't so much for friend-gifting, as for enemy-gifting).
D. VINTAGE. That's where I got this bumbrella. Anna's Attic has the absolute best vintage sales. But if you start going there and buying up everything I want to buy, well...see point C.

Seriously. Email me your pictures/stories with where you got it and for how much @ Or write it yourself (and I'll just supplement)! Or if we're Facebook friendsies, there too!

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dana michelle said...


my photo teacher said im a good model.

Tyra Banks here i come!!!

oh and i have some thrift store stuff i can picture and send - but i dont remember where i got them. shoot. oh well. . . well see.