April 08, 2010

Friendly Bit of Advice #5: I'm About to Trick You

Bought: 30" x 36" Picture Frame
Price: $12
Place: ARF Thrift Store

I'm not tricking you on purpose.
That's a lie.
No it's not.
Yes it is.
Just kiddingjustkiddingjustkidding.

You're confused. Now we can just ignore the fact that you thought I got this Degas poster at a thrift store and point out instead that I got this frame which is a providential fit at the thrift store.

I was going through all of my mom's old pictures and posters, hoping for some unsuspected find, when I found this Degas poster.
Apparently, my parents had bought it for me back in 1989 when the Degas exhibition was showing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But alas, they kept putting off getting it framed.
Twenty-one years later...
It still wasn't framed but was just rolled up under my mom's bed.

So I decided, "Hey. This is MY poster. I want it in MY room. And I want it to be framed."


Come to find out, it was going to cost me almost $200 (WITH a 50% off coupon) to get it framed, since it apparently is some weird size.
Dear Framers...I hate you.

Well, I come home from a disappointing frame search, and my mom just casually mentions, "You know, down at the ARF store I saw a frame that looked like it was really close to that size and it was only $12."

Yeah right, mom. Like you can just eye-ball this poster and know the exact size. I'm so sure.

A few days later, I come home, and the frame is sitting in my room with another poster from a different exhibition at the Metropolitan still in it.

I popped open the back (found about a dozen spiders inside) and fit my poster in it.
Only 1/4" off on the sides. Like that's going to deter me.
Nearly perfect fit.
You can still see the other poster peeking out a bit from the sides, but it just looks like I meant for that to happen. (Which, duh, I like, totally did).

Fine, mom. You win this round.

Listen to your mother when it comes to picture frames.

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dana michelle said...


i forgot about that frame story.

i hate you . . . justkidding justkidding. hah.