October 24, 2011

Haircut and a brief feminist rant

Well, I did it. I hacked my hair off. And to top it off, bleached the heck out of it. Thankfully I have the queen of all hairdressers at my disposal so she kept me from looking like an idiot. Mostly. Save the expression on my face here.

I've wanted to cut my hair off for years, and finally doing it has wound up being a pretty interesting social experiment. Here's what I've noticed:

1. Most women think it's adorable.
2. Some men find it adorable. 
3. The men who don't find it adorable I've discovered to be the ones who like their women silent in the kitchen without any kind of independence or self-confidence.
4. Those same men are unbelievably rude and apparently think it's ok for them to say whatever pops into their pea brains.
5. My haircut has magically empowered me to tell those same men without any hesitation that they are unequivocally wrong about me looking like a boy.

Honestly? I'm proud of myself. 
I tend to take the path where I mutter things to myself, but don't actually tell anyone when they're being rude.
So if you feel like being a jerk, take it elsewhere. Because I simply won't stand for it. 
I just imagined myself saying that Marlene Dietrich, standing tall and proud in a hazy bar, smoking out of the side of my bright red lipsticked mouth.

But what's really important here?
Ducky obviously still doesn't give 2 figs about me. At least that hasn't changed.


dana said...
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dana said...

oops. again . . . like someone who i am related TO. kelly i have no idea why anyone would tell someone that.