July 15, 2011

Fourth of July! Pa-ckow!

*That was a FIREWORK sound, folks*

Who are we kidding?
I'm fairly lazy.

So it's the 4th of July, right? Pretty big day in the history of America. And I want to look cute. What says God Bless America better than a throwback to the good old pin-up days?
So I throw on this patriotic-inspired outfit, and make Josie take some backyard pictures of me before it gets too hot to resemble anything more attractive than a sweaty blob.
(Be prepared for some good old-fashioned narcissism. I'm also too lazy to edit these. Patriotic flowers in the background totally planned, btw.)

Fourth of July 002
I was feeling pretty snarky at first. (aka beezy-like)

Fourth of July 003
Then I started whining. I hate having my picture taking. I usually whine.

Fourth of July 004
Then I got a little nutso.

Fourth of July 005
And awkward (at least this one was on porpoise).

Fourth of July 007
And finally got one semi-normal picture.

Then I went to a carnival/festival/celebration/hoopla (pictures to follow later), then a friends house where I totally bummed out on a BBQ to go home and change and take a nap.

Moral of the story: Kelly is a lazy bum.

To be continued.


Bri said...

i love dressing up all patriotic for the 4th in good ole fashioned pin up days! cute outfit :)

Kelly said...

Awe thanks! I love getting all dressed up too...obviously. Haha