June 02, 2011

Yikes Yikes Yikes

(And let me guess. You have a great personality.)

Things have been ca-raaaaaaazy! I've been starting a new job while still working at my last one and also pet/house-sitting. Basically put, I feel like I've been hit with a baseball bat. Man, I am tired from actually having to...like...you know...work or whatever.
So I'm grateful for this brief moment, with oatmeal in my belly, coffee in my hand, and a cat on my lap (and the Bachelorette on in the background. Whatever.) to just type out a short little update on things.

Remember that trip to Mexico we took a month and a half ago? I can't believe it's been that long already.
Well one of the days on the cruise, we docked in Puerto Vallarta. My family was really most looking forward to the Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton affair bridge, despite its nefarious history. Come to find out, no the world is not as celebrity obsessed as America! What a surprise. No one we asked had any idea what we were talking about when we asked for directions to the bridge.
Eventually we made our way there after wandering aimlessly for what felt like hours.
And this is what we found:

Yeah. That was it. Plus, it was "under construction", so once we got there, we weren't really even sure that was it. I don't even know if there are plans in the works to actually bring it back to its former glory, or if it's just trashed for good. One of the best parts about the U.S. being so concerned with celebrities is that things like this get preserved. What you can't see behind my mom, who took this picture, is a completely broken down wall with construction buckets and tools and exposed rebar and whatnot.
Not to be too overly dramatic, but I went expecting magic and found...dirt.
Then again, I also could have been dehydrated.

I have a bunch more pictures from Puerto that I want to post, but this particular one has gone on long enough, I think.

BUT before I go, meet Gus!!

(and no, I'm not talking about the weirdsmobile in the van in the background. That's not fair. I don't know if he's a weirdsmobile. He could just be a guy who likes to hang out in vans in front of peoples' houses.)

Ignore the fact that I look ridiculous. I had literally just finished the 3 hr. process of buying him and bringing him home.

And yes, I did name him after Gus from Psych as an homage to his blueberry car. I think it fits him perfectly. Don't you?

Bow chicka bow wow. I love this show.

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