January 14, 2011

(Really Super Late) Christmas Recap

I was initially joking when I said that the reindeer were going to help me with my Christmas decorating. Turns out...they did!

I've had these cute little felt deer gift bags for years and every Christmas I forget I have them! (No offense, guys). Finally, I got in touch with my Norwegian roots and strung them on some twine at the end of my bed.

I had really wanted to get something woodsy to put inside of them, but I couldn't find anything fake at a thrift store (and my cat, who is full of demons, would eat anything real). Maybe next year.

I also decided to try my hand at making a children paper chain. And by "children," I mean "Grinch." Same thing, right? I put them up at the end of our hallway (from which we also hung paper snowflakes and a string of white lights). At the very end under the mirror, we have a chalkboard that various family members take turns leaving messages and quotes on. This one...is obviously mine.

Merry (way too late) Christmas! Happy New Year! And on to Valentine's Day!

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