October 13, 2010

Vintage Sale Finds! Pt. 1--Concord

Well, all in all, I think the first Vintage Sale Weekend of the month was a rousing success. I've decided to split this experience into 2 parts. Today, Part 1--Clothing. I only wound up buying the last item(s) on here. But I documented a whole bunch of other clothes that were there. Just for you.
There were gaudy 70's clothes that I made my hands crawl just thinking about touching them.

One leather pair of shorts once belonging to Daisy Duke.

One white dress that was too stained to buy but I can absolutely duplicate the pattern of.

1940's jungle print dresses that I would have bought in a heartbeat if I hadn't already spent way too much money the day before.

And finally, ridiculously adorable gloves that I bought for $2.

And kudos to Jenn, Lauren, and Seth for hustling themselves out there to join me. A vintage sale without friends is nothing at all.

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